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Calhan Ranch Equestrian Property and Land for Sale

Calhan is a small plains town with a humble population of just over 700 residents. This quiet, undisturbed region is part of the Colorado Springs Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Front Range Urban Corridor. Thanks to its small size and wide-open fields, Calhan is the perfect place for anyone who is looking to escape the hustle and bustle of their busy city lives. With gorgeous scenery and spacious properties, Calhan has a wide variety realty options, all of which are great for nature-lovers. Because of this, Calhan horse properties and ranches are highly sought-after.

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About Calhan, Colorado

The tiny town of Calhan, Colorado is located in the southeast region of Colorado Springs. The town straddles Highway 24, and it’s just a 45-minute drive from central COS. Locals love the quiet, undisturbed environment of this charming mountain town, and many residents have lived in Calhan for most of their lives!  Calhan is one of the smallest towns in Colorado. You can expect to see rolling fields, gorgeous Colorado scenery, tight-knit communities, and zero stop lights! Calhan has a few charming shops, restaurants, and amenities to attract those outside of the area. But the best thing about Calhan is undoubtedly the Colorado scenery. Calhan has a wide variety of hiking trails and nature parks available to its residents, including Paint Mines Interpretive Park and the Paint Mines Overlook. Calhan certainly has no shortage of land and wide-open spaces, making it popular amongst people who appreciate Colorado scenery and plenty of privacy. With over 530 acres of rolling Colorado scenery, Calhan is one of the most beautiful, yet humble mountain towns in southeast Colorado. Calhan horse properties and ranches are popular for this reason, and many residents of Calhan are also proud property-owners as well.  
Calhan Ranch, Equestrian Property and Land For Sale
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Calhan Horse Properties, Land, and Ranches

Calhan is sprawling with expansive properties and ranches. Residents of Calhan enjoy owning large properties of land in addition to their gorgeous, rustic homes. Whether you’re looking for the perfect home or the perfect place to build a gorgeous ranch, Calhan is guaranteed to exceed your expectations!   Calhan offers ranches, horse properties, and vast expanses of empty land. Browse available properties here online, or let me help you find the perfect piece of land for your wants, needs, and budget! 

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