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Elizabeth Ranch, Equestrian Property & Land For Sale

Elizabeth, Colorado is a quaint, private community located in Elbert County. This lovely rural community is perfect for farmers, ranchers, horse-lovers, and nature-lovers alike. Most homes in Elizabeth come with plenty of acreage and lots of privacy. Because of this, Elizabeth, Colorado is one of the best regions to live if you’re looking to get away from busy city-living. If it has always been your dream to own rural property along the Pikes Peak region, then Elizabeth Colorado is the perfect place for you! Start browsing Elizabeth horse properties and ranches right here online, or learn more about this gorgeous, peaceful region in northeast Colorado!  

About Elizabeth, Colorado  

Elizabeth, Colorado is the most populous municipality in Elbert County. With a humble population of just 1,675 residents, Elizabeth is one of the larger regions in a cluster of charming small towns located in northeastern Colorado. It is also just a 22-minute drive away from Castle Rock, Colorado, making this a popular region amongst Elbert County residents. Because of this, Elizabeth is perfect for anyone who is looking for small-town charms with easy access to city amenities.   Elizabeth, Colorado is full of gorgeous hiking trails and nature centers. Popular attractions include the Gateway Mesa Open Space Park, the Hidden Mesa Open Space, and Fresh Tracks Hiking. You can also easily find charming local shops, including various farmers markets and The Carriage Shoppes for specialty gifts and souvenirs.   Residents and visitors alike will agree that Elizabeth, Colorado is one of the most popular small towns in northeastern Colorado. The town isn’t far from conveniences and necessities, and it’s known as a convenient “commute” community just outside of the Denver Metro area. Residents are never far from schools, doctors’ offices, shopping districts, and grocery stores, but they are always able to retreat to their private. Peaceful properties at the end of the day. Elizabeth, Colorado truly is the best of both worlds!
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Wish You Were Home Here In Elizabeth, CO

Elizabeth Horse Properties, Ranches, and Land 

With over 1,200 acres of gorgeous scenery, rolling fields, and private rural properties, Elizabeth, Colorado has no shortage of real estate. Many people flock to Elizabeth to become proud land-owners, farmers, ranchers, and residents of gorgeous private property. Elizabeth, Colorado offers a wide variety of ranch properties, as well as private plots of land and fertile farm land. Elizabeth is well-known for farming and ranching, so if you’re planning on building a working farm or ranch, then start browsing Elizabeth horse properties and ranches!

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Elizabeth, Colorado offers a wide variety of property options for farmers, rancher, and nature-lovers alike. If it’s been your dream to own a massive plot of land in a small, rural town in Colorado, then Elizabeth, Colorado is the perfect place for you!  Let me help you find the perfect plot of land for your lifestyle! Get in touch with me today, or browse available Elizabeth horse properties, ranches, and land right here online! You can also browse neighboring communities quickly and easily!

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