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Elbert Ranch, Equestrian Property & Land For Sale

Looking for a quiet small town with plenty of land? Then you’ll love Elbert, Colorado! With a humble population of just 230 residents, Elbert is one of the smallest rural communities in all of Colorado. Many residents of Elbert are proud land-owners and farmers, so finding quality land for sale in this area is quite common. If you’re looking for Elbert horse properties and ranches, then we’re excited to introduce you to the gorgeous plots of land in this area! Colorado Lifestyle Properties is simplifying the property-shopping process for buyers across Colorado. We make it easy to shop available properties in virtually any region of Colorado. Tell us what you’re looking for, and our real estate specialists will help you browse available Elbert horse properties and ranches.

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About Elbert, Colorado

As previously mentioned, Elbert, Colorado is one of the smallest rural communities in eastern Colorado. Located in northern Colorado, Elbert is an unincorporated town located in and governed by Elbert County. Nestled comfortably between Denver and Colorado Springs, Elbert, Colorado is a humble region that is located just east of I-25. It’s about an hour northwest from central Colorado Springs or an hour southeast from central Denver.   Elbert is a prominent farming community. With over 300 acres of sprawling scenery, spacious plots of land, and charming small-town amenities, Elbert isn’t short on privacy and personal space. Popular attractions in Elbert include the Elbert County Historical Society & Museum and the Elizabeth Park & Recreation District.   If you’re tired of the busy hustle and bustle of city-living and are trying to reconnect with nature, then Elbert, Colorado is the perfect place for you! Browse Elbert horse properties and ranches today, we’ll happily help you find the perfect stretch of property for you!  

Elbert Horse Properties, Land, and Ranches  

There is no shortage of land in Elbert, Colorado. Many residents of Elbert are working farmers and ranchers. When they’re not working the land, though, many residents are just enjoying the peace and privacy of owning a large plot of land. Because of this, Elbert is filled with both working ranchers and proud land-owners alike. Whether you’re planning on working a farm or are just trying to get a little more land with a lot more privacy, you’re bound to find the perfect plot of land in Elbert, Colorado! 
Elbert Ranch, Equestrian Property and Land
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Whether you’re planning on working a farm, owning a ranch, or just enjoying some peace and quiet on a private plot of land, you’ll love everything that Elbert, Colorado has to offer! We’re here to help you find the perfect plot of land for your wants, needs, and lifestyle, and we’re happy to help you get started right away! Get in touch with us today, or start browsing available listings online! You can also browse neighboring communities as well if you’d like to weigh all of your best options!  

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